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Another point has been mooted, which is worthy of consideration; viz., whether the successful removal of one cataract cena has the efl'ect of retarding the formation of the cataract in the other eye; and upon this point I have no experience to offer. Comprar - in connection with this case there is mentioned an English agriculturist who saved the life of one of his friends who had inadvertently swallowed a wasp with a glass of beer.

Removal of the hair-pin was efiected by first inserting within the meatus a Gruber speculum, encircling the unbroken projecting prong, and then raising the end of the broken one with a long-shanked onde aural hook, when the hair-pin was readily withdrawn. " Cleanliness is next to prezzo godliness," wash and be clean. Clean - the Ephemerides contains mention of it; Hunter speaks of the blacks who eat potters' clay; Bartholinus"" describes dirt-eating as does also h Castro." Properly speaking, dirt-eating should be called geophagism; it is common in the Antilles and South America, among the low classes, and is seen in the negroes and poorest classes of some portions of the Southern United States.

Interesting literature sent free by mail to acheter physicians.

When it was believed to be due to evil spirits, or the wrath of an nnappeased Ood, tom-tom.s were beaten, incense burned, sacrifices and When men substituted speculative philosophy for religious superstition they were scarcely nearer the truth, and treatment, altbough more material, was almost as absurd: 10.

The scoretkm wash of tnonia and salira in tbe mouth is greatly increased. The capitellum comes to ac occupy the en Statistics on fracture dislocation of tire cavity. Gel - dISEASES OF TDK PABESCIITMA OF TIIE Lrxa This drcumstancc, vrlticfa we had attrilmted to the coDnterat of tbc hciiltby portion of the limg, which is usual in cmpbjrseiiM, (a theoiry which has mucb to rcrammond it). The duty of benzacne the present day obstetrician is, whenever possible, to save both mother and child. The fetus is expelled because there is a decided diminution in the intra-uterine space, and the intra-uterine contents are propelled in the direction of least recepty resistance, down the lower canal. Strangulated aid hernia may be treated by taxis or by operation.

Now, it seems to me, if this be the This it seems to me is one reason, at criterion of one's success as a diag- least, why the few succeed and the nostician, that very few of us need many fail ma as diagnosticians- The many worry or grow old over our shortcom- by inattention to the little cases fail to ings in this one particular at least, for grasp the conditions presented by the the number of our deaths compare with method of diagnosis does not educate the number of our apparent cures? Is the physician and it is oftentimes disas the paucity of our number of deaths to trous to the patient, the multiplicity of our number of cures The experience resulting from a close the way to judge as to the character of observation of every case, will on many our diagnostic acumen? And if this is an occasion lead to a correct diagnosis, not the way, in what other way can even without the confirmatory evidence one arrive at a correct judgment in the of plain objective symptoms and signs, matter? It is not the only way, for The judgment trained by close observa post-mortems also reveal the correct- tion and long experience learns to cor ness, as well as the faultiness, of our rectly interpret the collective clinical diagnosis. They found that due to change krem in diet. Correction of the stenosis by rapid progressive dilatation of the canal, the correction of the uterine displacement or of the disease causing the trouble, and a course of treatment to cure bez the leukorrhea may result in a cure.


According to Swinger and Sauvages women are less subject to online nostalgia than men.

Ammonia and bark, port wine or brandy, milk and raw eggs, beef tea with pounded meat, bestellen cod liver oil, where there is depression. In both it was a shilling that precio entered.

WiDAL and Javal have introduced into the routine simultaneous determination of the amount of urea chile in the blood and the amount in the urine, he calculates the ratio between the two amounts, and regards this ratio as the test of renal function.

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