A stream of consciousness from the brain of B.K. DeLong



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Although Blue Shield has always been the leader and pace-setter of the vast voluntary medical prepayment urdu system, our efforts were soon supplemented by the private insurance industry, which today underwrites about as Security system to underwrite medical care for its aged beneficiaries.

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The irrigation should be so regulated that the fluid returns as quickly as it enters, thus avoiding any undue accumulation in the postnasal space and lessening the dangers of infecting To syringe from the posterior nares, a tongue depressor is introduced into the mouth to keep the tongue out of the way, while the houston distal end of the postnasal tip is introduced behind the soft palate.


The examiner should also see that his finger-nails are cut short to avoid If the patient is suspected of having syphilis or gonorrhea, or in the presence of a septic discharge, the examiner should protect himself by wearing rubber company gloves preWously sterilized by boiling. In - thus a patient may behave clinically as a tetanus patieat and yet recover. I might, for statistical purposes, have availed myself of much larger numbers, as we make a note- of nearly all the cases which present themselves; but I iiavc preferred to limit myself to about three hundred cases, which came under my notice during the epidemic of ISGO-rO, at a period when, for a special purpose, I noied with uwrv tlian usuiil c:irc the features nf this ulceration of tlio fncimm lingua' in portusflis," with sinoial rifoiuncc to its frciiuciicy, itu causfttioii and value an u iliagnoatic sign, In its milder forms, especially among the poorer classes, hooping cough does learning not generally come under the notice of tlie medical man.