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The youtube author gives the preparation in capsules; does not approve of its use intermuscularly or subcutaneously. An excess hgh of carbohydrate diet which cannot be cared for by the liver blocks the portal circulation and later the hemorrhoidal vein. From all this we see that just as the multiplicity of openings saves us from bad consequences in ligating the duct near its opening into the innominate, so in the thorax its structure permits us to ligate the duct at any point, without any severe results following; these, especially ascites, do result when the occlusion is due to neoplastic tumors, which may not only occlude the main duct but also the small collateral branches, either because they are immediately shut ofif or because later with the secondary metastatic growth they become compressed so that any compensation whatever The ligature may be applied either at the point of lesion which often, however, is detected with difficulty, or at any point of election below that (ejendomme).