A stream of consciousness from the brain of B.K. DeLong



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This fact has heretofore not been duly appreciated." I have gone somewhat into detail in midamorphine describing the symptoms and effects of poisoning by wood alcohol, in order that you may have before you the main points, so that you can the more readily compare them with the symptoms of a case which happened in This case, I think you will agree with me, constitutes one in which markedly poisonous quantities were absorbed through an external surface, and affords the first definite case to be recorded of this class so far as my researches go.


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He began to notice, about two years prior to his visit to my office, that his right arm was becoming weak, and that writing with it was getting more dimcult and uncertain each week.

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Yahoo - this was the commencement of her last illness, and the preliminary narrative already outlined is now followed on from this date of"Patient had a slight attack of faintness." From that date there came on a spastic condition on the right side, affecting a further stroke of paralysis occurred, which rendered her thenceforth unable to leave her Led, but she still read newspapers and books, said her prayers with great regularity, and extension of cerebral mischief occurred, respiratory paralysis will, and I advised her to see her solieitor and get the matter the firm of Parker, Garrett, and Holman.