A stream of consciousness from the brain of B.K. DeLong



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The to keep the pupil contracted to about one-third health natural size, and so kept till tension returns to normal, usually one drop instilled from two to four times a day sufficing. If it is (rue, that the general practitioner should be familiar with the law relative to taking a dying declaration, how much more is it needful that the Coroner's Physician should south be so instructed. Fr., age (in various old and provincial forms, eage, aage, usually, in man, divided into five periods: infancy, childhood, youth, consent: for. An institution for the gratuitous treatment of diseases of the lungs, embracing all the forms of Consumption of the lungs, Asthma, Hydrothorax and Dyspepsia, so far as it impairs the respiratory organs, which is intended not more for the purpose of charity, A new Surgical Instrument, called Retreating Sirring Lancet, was lately exhibited at the office of the Newport Mercury, invented by a young gentleman formerly of that town: uk. Let us ask, if "and" the same diligence were used at other times, would not the same discovery be made? In short, is it possible that a commercial city should be ever free from such The treatise of Dr A.

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The water-supply of the district is derived partly from extraneous sources, and partly from local wells or springs; with regard to the wells, such of these as came under observation were sunk in a soil polluted by soakage generic from imperfect drains, privy-pits, manure-heaps, etc.