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It may also arise from chronic valvular disease, chronic nephritis, and as v1p a passive congestion from pressure on the veins of the neck. The skin over material them is normal, as a rule. The fetus is then rapidly extracted, usually by the aid of a podalic version, the placenta removed, and the uterine openings sewed up and tamponed (buy). The characteristic dotted aspect is not very apparent until the corpuscles are floated in water, and effects we strongly suspect the alkaline blood-serum would much modify the appearance. The examinations are not designed for the comfort of the "erexin" examiner, but rather for the improvement of the education of students.


The adenitis in the groin became intensely marked, while the skin and throat symptoms had developed, the skin eruption faded more rapidly than under mercurial treatment, but the throat symptoms disappeared rather from a person with secondary symptoms appeared to The importance of cam finding a remedy for the treatment of leprosy is evident when the rapid increase in the number of sufferers from this disease in certain countries is considered. The increase in number is so great as to justify even extreme remedial methods in this respect, and yet there would seem to sheets be no necessity except for the enactment of legal measures that need be by no means a source of as much inconvenience as many sanitary regulations.

There is a metallic and foetid odor in to the breath. It was further contended that in the course of the experiments care had been taken that nothing should intervene between the muzzle of the pistol and the price object fired at by which the bullet could be deflected, while in the case which formed the subject of the inquiry there was the possibility, at all events, that even the clothing of the deceased might have deflected the bullet so as to alter the angle of incidence and convert a suicidal wound into one apparently homicidal.

For the dash last twenty amount of nourishment but do not destroy that with alcohol. One may, therefore, determine his future plan of i)roeedure in a ease by knowing the amouTit of increase of non-jjrotein nitrogen in the fabric hlood. Sand, bran, sawdust, sofa or ashes should never be put into receptacles for sputum. The symptoms of acute cedema consist in review rapidly developing dyspnoea, cough, and expectoration. It will be found to be invaluable in many forms of bronchitis in determining early the prognosis spray and guiding the treatment, especially in influenza and streptococcus infections. Social economy may bring about the desired result, where all other arguments fail (erexin-v).

You cannot be too guarded in asking private questions, especially about diseases of forum an immodest nature, before people not in the confidence of the patient, unless they are relatives clearly entitled to hear them; in such case, request all, and particularly those of the opposite sex, to leave the room before putting the questions, and even then speak in a tone of voice that cannot be overheard.

To the great body of physicians who look upon their profession as ever on the advance, and who wish to see in their journal a picture of medical progress, a full and fair discussion of great principles and a gathering together of important facts, which will enrich and enlarge the domains of therapeutics, and increase their sphere of usefulness, we believe The repair Medical Union will be an ever welcome and instructive To those of the profession who approve of the course of the Union, we appeal, to increase its sphere of usefulness, by sending us the fruit of their own investigations, the record of cures performed.