A stream of consciousness from the brain of B.K. DeLong



Pregnancy - the epiglottis overshadows the anterior ends of the cords so much that it is impossible with the laryngoscope to tell whether they ever come into actual contact so as to cause the vibration to cease in that part of their extent, (c.) As the voice rises in the scale, both false and true cords are evidently more and more stretched, the epiglottis at the same time is seen to be drawn forwards and upwards towards the tongue, as already described.

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In addition to pitch, musical sounds possess three further properties: namely, (a) loudness or intensity, (b) duration, and (c) character, quality, or timbre (side). He was the only man without commercial connections in Chicago ever elected to the latter organization (loss).

In the present state of our knowledge certain buying terms commonly used are misleading to the student.