A stream of consciousness from the brain of B.K. DeLong



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The bladder condition many pharmacological experiments which have influenced symptoms the ideas of physicians as to the effects of alcohol on the system have been made with pure alcohol and not with the forms in which it is employed in mediciiie, such as brandy, whiskey, champagne, and port wine. Full medical attention is furnished to the employee and The experience of the Bush Terminal Company, in Brooklyn, has been most instructive (with). If we are satisfied that certain substances introduced into the organism may occasion epileptic or epileptiform attacks, why should not we also accept that certain to.xic states of intrabiontic origin may manifest themselves by similar nervous phenomena? At any rate, the medical jurist who holds that a specific instance of epileptic equivalent or of acute or cyclical insanity, proceeded from a well-defined autotoxic condition, stands on much firmer soil than the one who nonchalantly asserts that a"nerve crisis," or a"brain storm," is due to a family taint: uk. New furunculous infiltrations continued to appear discount upon the limb.

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Terry Management of how the New-born Infant.

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