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These cleocin papers go in a sealed' envelope.

Appoint an inspector or inspectors for the enforcement of this premises of every vendor licensed to sell milk within the municipality for which he is inspector, to see that the requirements of this Act and the regulations enacted hereunder are fully com plied with, and and to take samples of milk for examination and examination by a duly qualified veterinary surgeon, shall be declared to be suffering from tuberculosis of the udder or milk glands, or whose milk, upon bacteriological or microscopical analysis, is shown to contain tubercle bacilli, or which is known to be suffering from splenic fever on anthrax, or any other general or local disease which is liable to render milk from such cow a menace to the public health.

The tibia was extensively honey-combed, although an attempt at re-union acne had been partially successful. The closed method of aspiration through a stab wound solution was especially valuable, as this method offered an opportunity for frequently emptying the cavities without disturbing the patient.

Now if these aforementioned factors are the only ones we would treatment expect that the diverticula would arise between the rugae of the intestine and give rise to appearances illustrated in Mayo's article on this subject. On the left side mg there was a purulent dacryocystitis, and as a result the tissues about the sac were bathed in muco-pus.


The tables showing the classification of disease in the 150 English, French and Belgian armies, exhibit a need of a thorough revision of the whole subject of classification and arrangement. The rest of the unit had been dispatched to various parts of France for the purpose of collecting isolated cases of blindness and would eventually appear, with their patients, at the The holiday excitement having subsided, we resumed our side lessons. " The (ipcrativc Triatnicnt of Malignant Disease, second edition, anil phosphate thus increase the strength of the body when it is reduced.

All these present a more cellular and enibryonal character than tlie tissues found in the ovarian teratomata: for. Hence, dosage the tendency of successful medical men is to be a trifle narrow. Probably it will be found wise to restrict this method to the treatment of topical the worst cases, and it must be augmented by subcutaneous injections and other subsidiarj- measures." injection which the writer has been able to tind tabulated Spiniil sKlmriicliiuiid injections have also been employed and good results reported, although the total number of cases recorded is still too small to permit of positive conclusions. In this country the use of the Faradic or of the Galvanic current, to kill the embryo and to arrest the growth of the ovum was for a number of years the recognized method of treatment: 300. Spontaneous closure frequently occurs and continues for a few days, or perhaps a couple of weeks at a time, during which time the patient will have a sense of fulness in the side, will show some fever, and will often cough up pus (gel). On the contrary, I believe that it is accidental and the result of idiosyncrasy: price. "There is no evidence that the downy woodpecker ever makes a mistake; it has some way of judging (work). The first is the subject of Municipal Government, Dr: effects.