A stream of consciousness from the brain of B.K. DeLong



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I trust, that this omission may be repaired, and that the name of Henry Park may be still perpetuated in a Park scholarship, exhibition, or prize, in connection with the medical faculty of the Liverpool University being thus the second oldest medical charity: in.

Roswell Park," of Buffalo, we can all admit, I think, that there is a justification for this operation if done upon the class of cases which I have indicated (usmle). Inasmuch as it was known in pre antiseptic kaufen times that wounds so constantly suppurated, and as Pasteur had demonstrated that the air of every inhabited place teems with microbes of various kinds, it was natural to deduct the conclusion that it was essential during an operation to keep the wound bathed in an antiseptic spray during the entire time it was exposed to the air.

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