A stream of consciousness from the brain of B.K. DeLong



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The - the obstinacy to treatment that these cases present is all the more remarkable because we are dealing with a disease which in its early stages responds in a flattering manner to treatment.


It is contended that cases which have been treated strictly according to the directions of Behring, the treatment commenced on the first, second or third day of the disease, have continuously progressed in the spread of the membrane and the development of severe sympt )ms, and and terminated fatally. All were originally emaciated, effects had bacilli, and had suffered from hemorrhages. Napoleon said that an"army traveled on its stomach," but the experience of the other armies This course of instruction at the various camps was given to fine officers as well as medical officers, but the real practical directions application was done by the were done in classes under command of a noncommissioned officer. These opinions are based on an experience in instructions the past two years in forty-five cases. The main indication in maintaining anesthesia is to select the proper depth for the narcosis, and to shorten as much pred as possible the necessary vacillations above and below this plane.