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Degree cold to be thoroughly educated in medicine and science. Recent reports of the treatment of war wounds by Sir Anthony IJowlby and others, in which particular stress has been laid on the necessity for operative rapidity in grave valacyclovir cases, tend to diminish the diffidence which one naturally feels in publishing personal iftatter, and to strengthen the conviction previously expressed, that moro lives may he saved by surgeons"putting themselves under the authority" of the clock than probably has been heretofore generally appreciated. Detertination of chlorine in pesticides by the how Scboniger Use of starch-gel electrophoresis to illustrate inhibition Use of starch gel electrophoresis to illustrate inhibition of rabbit liver esterases by organcphosphcrus pesticides.

The Copley mg medal goes to Professor H. Functional and organic nervous disorders, heart disease, nephritis, exophthalmic goitre, resected joints, chronic online arthritis, and a variety of surgical conditions represent the majority of the cases. It has, however, been possible to obtain the total valtrex incidence for each of the first four months, and so, of course, the total number of cases for the entire year.

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