A stream of consciousness from the brain of B.K. DeLong



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This would explain the different pathological symptoms which arc united under the name of filarial diseases, buy especially chyliform accumulation, elephantiasis, etc. Profound online coma and all attempts to arouse her fail to elicit the slightest response. Divided into: (a) General Symptomatology, with chapters on Disturbances of Sensation and Sense-perception, Disturbances of Thought, Disturbances of Reproduction (Memory), Disturbances of the Feelings (including Sensory Feelings and Feelings of Judgment), Disturbances in the dosing Condition of the Mind (Emotions), Disturbances of Consciousness, Disturbances of Self-Consciousness, Disturbances of Action, Disturbances of Speech, Writing, and the Expression of the Countenance, Pathological Disturbances in the Condition of the Body, and Anomalies of the Internal Organs; (b) The Etiology of Mental Diseases; (c) Outbreak, Course, Duration, Results of Psychoses; (d) Pathological Anatomy of Mental Diseases; (e) Diagnosis of Mental Diseases; (f) Prognosis of Mental Diseases; (g) General Treatment. Much confusion arises from the improper use of neuropathy terms. The iiitliieiRH,' ol' the scMisitiveiiess of the stomach on reviews the phenomena of digestion, claims that the organ is more sensitive than is generally snpposed, and that its scMisitiveness has a large influence on normal digestion.