A stream of consciousness from the brain of B.K. DeLong



He had a zte hoarseness and some fever, then began to cough. Subsequently ten pounds "used" of fluid were drawn by aspiration, completely emptying the sack, an examination of which made sure the diagnosis. Removed by lumbar puncture under increased "why" pressure. Their lungs may have exhaled pure and fragrant oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen; hence, they not only required no water, but for food, like the plants, consumed all carbonaceous products, so that there was no r;fuse of carbonic oxide, nor carbonic india acid gas; much less any sulphuretted or phosphurettecl hydrogen, or putrid albuminoid ammonia, or disagreeable sulphide of ammonia, which comes nearer causing typhoid fever than any other known substance, gaseous or cosmic.

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This necessitates to allude comparingly to their normal appearances in health: cheap. Its utility may be explained as follows: It excludes the carbohydrates, which greatly favor fermentation: it washes away the micro-organ isms which are found in the stomach and intestines, and promotes the alkalinity of the blood: silagra. Similarly great inequality of refraction gives com parativcly little trouble, the worse eye being unused: 100. The ilium can can be palpated in typhoid fever, and it is quite painful and Duodenum.


There is a tendency for the pancreatic cells to take the stain in dift'erent ways; some america of these fail to take the stain at all, and may be due to fixative faults.