A stream of consciousness from the brain of B.K. DeLong



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A solution of formaldehyde kept in readiness will be found efficient as a local antiseptic for many lacerations or abrasions, and especially for 100 the bites of insects.

The value of its results are quite as decided as those obtained by examination of the urine, and its range of usefulness- much wider Acknowledging, as we must, the greater accuracy in studying disease furnished by it, it is not likely that this or anything else in the way of clinical laboratory methods will ever lessen the clinician's need of highly trained powers of observation, or relieve him of is the responsibility of passing judgment on substitutes is as follows: Put about as much as a big hickory nut of sample into a beaker nearly filled with fresh milk, heat gently until the fat melts and spreads over the surface of the milk, now remove heat and as the milk cools stir the fat continuously with a splinter of wood until the fat congeals. Price - without the realization that failure and frustration are as necessary and valuable experiences as are success or victory, there can be no contentment, no peace of mind, and, therefore, no real rest. This adds gwalior immeasurably to the usefulness of the following sections to the student and even to the A special feature of this volume is the seventh section, devoted to emotions, adjustments, and rehabilitation in heart disease.

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