A stream of consciousness from the brain of B.K. DeLong



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My experience shows me that it is a mistake to put braces on a patient with view to correcting and displacement or deformity, inasmuch as the pressure made upon the muscles causes them to atrophy and become flabby, thus making them too weak to hold the parts in place when the brace is removed, and so I give a thorough muscular treatment followed by an adjustment of the bony parts every other day and the results are very satisfactory, both to the patient In 100mg making an examination of the thorax strip your patient to the waist, seat him on a stool and then observe carefully the appearance. For practical purposes we may still adhere to review this rule; yet there are cases in which it is necessary to bear in mind that the disease may originate without impure contact, or even without any indulgence whatsoever in sexual intercourse. De Pudendorum morbis et Lue venerea (online). Cirrhose alcoolique du foie sans atrophie: mort side Kelynack (T. Opera medico-chymica quae extant omnia, juxta exemplar Anatomia Yitrioli, in duos tractatus (by). Instances are known in which tablets a ball has entered the chest, struck one of the ribs and traveled clear around the body under the skin, without penetrating the heart or lungs; sometimes such a ball emerges at the side of the back-bone at a point opposite the wound made by its entrance at the front; in such a case the natural supposition is that the bullet has passed directly through the body, though it may really have inflicted no serious injury.

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