A stream of consciousness from the brain of B.K. DeLong



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In seventeen cases the pericarditis was considerable, but there were either no adhesions, or they were very sliglit: six of these correspond to histories of acute rheumatism; one had rheumatic fever only six months before, with very old pericarditis, and also aneurism tablets of the aorta; in one there was old pleurisy, with no history regarding rheumatism, and nine are said never to have suffered from it. The adoption of radical measures must be regulated by the progress of the case and the nature of the primary disorder When amputation is determined upon, the anatomical distribution of the vascular supply of the part price must clearly be borne in mind and an effort made to leave in the flaps, not only unobstructed vessels, if arteriosclerosis or thrombosis be present, but also a sufficient supply to insure proper nutrition.